Localization to spanish of readthdocs doc

I’m Alvar from Argentina, Teacher and org user. I’m learning a lot with this project, about taking note, about lisp and org. So, first of all Thanks!!!
I want to contribute with the localization of the documentation to Spanish. Actually I’m doing the same with the team of PythonEs with the Python docs. Both use readthedocs so I been thinking to bring the same workflow to localization of org-roam docs.
What do you think?

Thanks for offering to help out! Actually, the readthedocs manual is deprecated in favour of the centralized Info manual built from org-roam.org: https://github.com/org-roam/org-roam/blob/master/doc/org-roam.org

I’m not sure how to do localization for Org-files, unfortunately.

I can seach the way. If I find someone, I’ll post it here

I think that I can make an org-roam/doc/org-roam-es.org file with a direct translation and send a pull request
What do you think?

That works too, but I fear there will be differences in documentation as things change or get updated. I do think it’s still useful though!

I have been following the project closely (no to code yet) but I can make weekly reviews to find diff and update the doc.

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Ok, this is what I’m trying now. I’m making a project in transifex that take the org-roam.texi file and translate that. If it works, the project is set up to mi fork of org-roam, so every time that the file change I can make a new change in the translation. This can help in the future to translate the docfiles to other languages.