Offering help to make V2 into master

Many users (like me) have transitioned to V2 in the last weeks. I know that the branch is still experimental, and yet it has so many excellent features.

I am just wondering if there is some expected time to merge V2 into master. Maybe, there are some important bugs or blockers to review to make this happen.

I can help with something if you will. Given my lack of proficiency in lisp, I can’t promise a lot, but at least I can try it.

If the big developers (@jethro, @zaeph, @nobiot, @mshevchuk, and many others) could define some key tasks, and guidelines to tackle them, the community could help to the project more effectively.


I’m really a community member, who might happen to frequently appear in the forum :slight_smile:
I would like to let the project (Jethro and Zaeph) drive the project the way they prefer.

@maikol by the way, thank you for adding me in the list of “the big developers”. Please try not to underestimate your skills. I only started with Elisp one year ago or so; I didn’t know the difference between a symbol and variable back then. And I am not computer science major, nor professional developer. I picked up how to code via mostly self-study. If my code is any good, perhaps it’s because of the power of Elisp as a language and learning experiences from the community including Org-roam :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @nobiot. It’s impressive how far you have come as a elisp programmer.

I consider your as a big dev for your great work with org-transclusion and all the interesting conversations in the discourse.

I’m still learning step by step.


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Thank you. You’ve seen Jethro’s comment on this matter :slight_smile:

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Yes thank you very much.