Installation issues on windows 10


Relatively new to emacs. I wanted to give a try to Org-roam.
So for a basic installation, I have to install a C compiler, sqllite, activate sqllite3 package.

So, I have installed msys2, mingw, sqllite using chocolatay

However I still get message telling me the gcc driver failed.

How can I activate some additional logs to understand what is going wrong?

I feel the tool is too hard to configure for standard users to be able to install it easily.

How about this?

I have solved the problem.

You don’t need all of them; just need msys2 and install gcc (not even sqlite as a separate binary) following the manual.

Avoid chocolaty. Last time I checked, it has a long-standing issue installing gcc correctly.


Thanks for your answer. using msys2 gcc installation it worked.

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