ID values get a ton of spaces between ID and its value

Does anyone know how to fix that? It’s annoying me quite a bit.

Instead of :ID: value I get :ID:.................value (periods represent spaces). All org-id related values look normal, nothing indicating where the spaces come from.

Doom 3
Org-Roam 2

It’s probably customizing of org-property-format. The default should be %-10s %s (I don’t know what Doom does with it). I think you can change it to %-1s %s and see if it works as you wish.

That fixed it. Thank you. Do you happen to know why 10 spaces are the default? Looks kinda weird.

I don’t know. I guess it could have been any number and the author just picked one. It’s probably 10 spaces for as long as it is there.

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