How to list the nodes that reference the current node?

For example,

A <--- B, C, D

When I’m working with node A, I want to know how to list those B, C, and D.
Is there any builtin function that list nodes that reference the current working node?
I’m using org-roam v2.

Are you referring to “backlinks”?

Oh! It seems like what I was looking for.
However, when I ran (org-roam-backlinks-get org-roam-buffer-current-node) on the certain node, it got error.
Is there any interactive function to do this?

The link above should take you to the relevant section that mention two commands (interactive functions). Are they not what you are looking for?

Oh!! I didn’t know that the link is about backlinks. The org-roam buffer is for backlinks!! Great.

Thank you very much!!

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