How to have org-roam-buffer backlinks show node hierarchy?

I quite like showing node hierarchy in org-roam-node-display-template.

How can I achieve the same for showing backlinks?

I don’t believe this is implemented anywhere. I agree that it would be great.

The data form a graph, not a tree, and yet we benefit greatly by looking “down” through successors (children, granchildren, etc.) using a tree. There’s no conceptual reason we could not look “up” through predecessors (parents, grandparents, etc.) the same way.

The main implementation difficulty, of course, is that we would need to build the predecessor tree from database queries, whereas the successor trees that we view are just org-mode files.

(This problem and the transclusion problem for successor views seem closely related – both require using the db to build a view from multiple files.)

EDIT: After reading what you linked to I realize I misunderstood your question. But I still think a tree view of predecessors would be cool so I’m leaving this comment in place.

Yeah, I have lot’s of repetitive subheadings they don’t always get an ID but they do if I happen to capture while my insertion is there, so having the tree makes things much more readable.