Org-roam buffer: Display full node

So, right now I am having the normal behavior, where the org-roam buffer displays just the content of the heading where a backlink occurs.

I would instead prefer that, when in a Node A, for any Node B which contains a link, [Node A], the entirety of Node B be displayed in the org-roam-buffer. I know it will be a pain if the link [Node A] shows up multiple times in Node B, but I can cope with that.

The reason is that I tend to structure my notes into multiple headings/subheadings. It generally goes:

  • Main Idea
    lorem ipsum
  • Connections
    link 1 connects this way
    link 2 connects that way
  • References
    ** cite:AuthorYear
    *** Paraphrase
    **** Direct Quote

And I would like to get the whole thing. I know that was a bug for some people – but it would be a feature for me.

Inspect variable org-roam-preview-function. By default, it is set to function org-roam-preview-default-function, which essentially gets the content up to the next headline. Either override it or create your own function and set the variable to it. The new function can use the default one as a template; then instead of stopping at the next headline, get the content until the end of the buffer.

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Thanks nobiot! I’ll update the thread with my solution when I get around to doing it.