How to get user friendly ids when exporting

I get links like this when I export my org-roam files:
is it posible to make these links more user friendly? maybe only the frist sector of the GUID or idk…
i do not want to change all of them manually, and this look is not so pleasnt.

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the same thing. I get the same result when I launch Emacs with emacs -Q in terminal.

My Org ID is set to use a time stamp like 2023-07-14T230951. But regardless, the exported HTML gets a new ID that looks like this: <a href="#org194ed95">

My Org mode version is as follows:
Org mode version 9.6.3 (release_9.6.3-2-gf2949d

I tried org-export-to-html and it gives a link similar to yours, however the porblem occure when I use my publish script which uses org-publish. I run the script with emacs -q. I don’t think that it does anything related to the IDs. It’s here:

I don’t use any of these things (I don’t publish my Org files). I wonder if the issue is specific to this script? If so, perhaps you can ask the author for help?

I’m the author of it, as I mentioned I don’t think it does anything related to the IDs. I will try to debug it by removing some configurations from there and see if it helps. I will report here if I find something.

@nobiot So here is what I reached so far: exporting when you are referring to a heading in the same file uses the small form of auto generated IDs, however, mentioning a node from another file in the same directory causes it to use the node ID. Can you reproduce that at your end?

Yes. The HTML link adds “ID” as a prefix to the Org-ID like this:

<a href="../20230519181814-org_file_for_test.html#ID-2023-07-14T230951">ID link to another file</a>

Just to clarify again, my Org-ID is set to be a time stamp (2023-07-14T230951), not the default UUID.

I see. So it will use the :ID: whatsoever. I will change the IDs manually then.