How do you create notes to follow up on?

For example, if you are taking notes from a video, and an unfamiliar term / interesting topic comes up that you want to follow up on later.

Right now:

  • I do an org-roam-capture for the new term (create a new note)
  • add the link for the new file to where I heard of the term (current note I am editing)
  • add the link for the new file to my master todo list

am I missing a function that does all of these things? Or just like the first 2?

I think alternatively I could cut out the last step by turning the heading in the new file into a todo and putting all my org-roam-files under org-agenda but that seems to slow org-agenda down a lot.

I think it’s best to address this problem by looking at it from the angle of revisiting your notes. If this unfamiliar concept crops up in your reading, chances are you’re going to explore it to get a rough understanding of it, but I doubt it’s enough to create a fleshed-out note just from this.

So, if I were you, I’d create the note as you did in your first two bullet-points, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to create a TODO for it. You will probably revisit your literature notes at some point in the future to refine them and to create new notes from them, which will be the point where you’ll need to flesh out the concept you encountered.

If you really want to dig the concept in a timely fashion, you could create a note in a daily-note to remind yourself of it.

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Ok thanks.