How can I create an Index file?

I have a handful of pages made with org-roam-find-file and there are some links between them. Looking at the documentation, it seems like I should be able to bring up a list of all my pages with org-roam-jump-to-index, but when I enter this command, it says “Index file does not exist. Would you like to create it?”. I create it…it’s an org file with no contents. I kill the buffer and then re-enter the command, still a blank org file. I rebuild the db, re-enter the command, same.

Where have I gone wrong?

When you use org-capture to create a file, as here, you need to issue a command when you’re done. I think that command is C-c C-c.

Thanks @bruce, I should have said that in my original question – I am closing the capture buffer with that command.

I see same thing. Looks like a bug to me.

I added a bug report linked to here.

I don’t think the index file is intended to self-populate with any content/links at all. My understanding is that it’s just a convenience function for getting to an index page that I maintain myself. I use it as an index of links to documents I’m currently interested in for whatever reason. It’s my version of the sidebar of starred “Shortcuts” in Roam.

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@jbaty - the point is after creating the file through these steps, O-R does not subsequently find the file.

It seems to work for me, but I’ve had an file for a week or more already so maybe it’s only an issue with newer versions?

The “it’s supposed to be empty” part of my answer was based on @rcorty writing that "…it seems like I should be able to bring up a list of all my pages with org-roam-jump-to-index" which I thought meant they expected something different than what I was used to. Sorry if I misunderstood.

I believe the thing that I saw in the documentation actually has to do with the deft package. I mistakenly thought it was something org-roam made. Might be a good idea in the long run to have the screen shots in the documentation taken on something pretty close to vanilla emacs.

Could be. It had been about two weeks since I updated this morning.

Makes sense. It does make me wonder about a function that would let me mark a bunch of entries in the db (ala Dired) and have org-roam generate a list of links to all of them in the current buffer. I’d use that in the index file for sure :slight_smile:


Not too hard to add :smiley: