Editing the link text

When I link to a note from another note, I almost never want to use the title of the other note as the link text. For example, in a note on problem X, I might write that a given answer “overcomes the limitations of [Y’s proposed solution]”, where “Y’s proposed solution” links to a note titled “Y on problem X”. At the moment I use org-roam-insert to create a link, and then go back and edit the link text, taking care not to break the (undisplayed) brackets. This is a little cumbersome. It would be good to have a function that prompts for the link text.

Not exactly the solution, but maybe a little bit less cumbersome:

  1. Type in the text “overcomes the limitations of Y’s proposed solution”
  2. Select text “Y’s proposed solution” (mark the the region active)
  3. Run org-roam-insert — “Y’s proposed solution” appears as the prompt text
  4. Delete “Y’s proposed solution” in the prompt and type “Y on problem X” to locate your note, press return

voilà — the link [[/path/to/y-on-problem-x.org][Y’s proposed solution]] is created.

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