Roam: links vs org-roam-insert links


I’m a little confused about the different links and their behaviors.
If I insert a link using org-roam-insert I get the minibuffer popup to search for notes, with the option to create a new note from the current text, and the link conforms to org-roam-link face. so far so good.

If I add a link with the (new?) fuzzy linking feature, by typing “[[” and a character, I get a completion list from company matches from the DB, but the link appears as roam:linkName, and looks to be displayed as an org link. Also, inserting the name of a non-existent note doesn’t create it, but clicking it suggests to create header with that name in the current file.

I’d prefer to use [[ as it’s a smoother experience, but I do want to retain the ability to create new, empty, notes on the fly, and would like to have them all look the same.

As an aside - I’d also like to display the enclosing brackets [[ ]] as part of the face - but I haven’t found a way to do so… How do you hide/add characters as part of the face?


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