Logseq: FLOSS web outliner, compatible with Org Roam now

Logseq is a Roam-like thing in the browser that supports both Markdown and Org Mode. It uses Github as a backing store, which means that you can use it both in the browser, and via Emacs + (Ma)Git. As of this bug fix Logseq seems to have good (basic) compatibility with Org Roam! Please note it’s required to modify config.edn, as indicated below.

{:journal-basis "daily" 

 :project {
           ;; Selected public notes can be published to https://logseq.com/your-project-or-your-username.
           :name ""
           :alias ""
           ;; your twitter handle
           :twitter ""
           ;; description supports both hiccup and html
           :description ""}
:org-mode/insert-file-link? true ;; add this, file continues below
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Just to get the tiger out of the room: This is unparalleled work and benefit for our Roam and org-mode fan community.
Can’t thank you enough for your efforts and I will follow up each step you take!


I can claim zero credit for it but I’m sure the folks who made Logseq would like to see your review!