Displaying forward links in side buffer

when I add links between concepts, I had scaffolding information in text noting how and why the concepts are related. This tends to make it hard for me to note the links at a glance when visiting a concept. adding these forward links within the side buffer will provide this feature.

If you’re having problem fathoming all of your regular-links in your file, I’d argue that the problem is that your note is not sufficiently atomic.

That being said, I think this could be a path improvement for the side-buffer revamp. Could you file an issue on our tracker?

I agree with your point. My notes do have heft to them but it is for a good reason I would say. I think the biggest reason is because I still use headlines an atom “concept”. Sometimes, it is that concepts are interlinked with each other deeply that creating a new file each concept I feel is unnecessary overhead. For example, when I am writing about a topic, I may like to include what problem it tries to solve, why that problem is important, how it solves the problem and trade-offs associated such. There are definitely times where I split them into for example if solves multiple problems and give a file for each but I feel that splitting them by headline is the best approach for me because it incurs less overhead and gives sufficient level of compartmentalization.

This the main why I would like such a feature, to be able to see which headline is mapping where. Its also nice to be able to see where a file projects out to at a glance although org-roam-server does do a good job of that.

I am also coming from a more hierarchical workflow in org mode that takes advantage of headlines and lists and relies less on files. This workflow caries over to how I use org-roam and that is part of the reason why.

I read somewhere (maybe it was your post) that org-roam is moving towards a more headline centric approach for concept mapping (if I took notes I will have been able to find it). That will alleviate my main use case.

Just to be clear, this is not the case. We’ve decided to support headlines to support some different workflows, and to compensate some problems with pre-existing packages in the Org-mode ecosystem. We’re still recommending users to follow the one-note-one-file rule, which also has the benefit of being easier to optimise.

I see. If that is the case, I will move towards a index-to-file approach, where an index file has headings linking to files to simulate what I get from headings in a org roam manner.