Create org-roam note using deft filter

i wonder if it is possible to configure org-roam and deft so that note creation using the deft filter (if nothing matches yr string, hitting enter creates a new note) results in creating an org-roam note according to the default org-roam-capture template.

seems like it would be good leverage. or is there a better alternative so that this is not needed

My impression is that if you want to do anything fancy at all with deft you have to move to notdeft instead. I’m not using either for now, although I did use deft before org-roam.

doesn’t org-roam use/require deft for its index page?
& the feature i’m referring to is a default deft feature, that’s how i discovered it.

[i’m new to org-roam so mayb i’m trying to do things wrong, but this deft feature seems v handy for an org-roam workflow, which is why i piped up.]

No, it is not required. You can just use org-roam-find-file.

What deft buys you is full text search instead of searching only in the file titles. I do think this is a useful property that I’m used to in other systems (including helm-org-rifle for agenda items) and I will probably be tempted to adopt notdeft at some point in the future.

For now, however, org-roam-find-file for opening and creating files plus projectile-ripgrep for the occasional full text search is proving to be sufficient.

From what I understand, deft will not work for me because it does not allow me to create files within nested directories, and also because it reportedly does not scale well beyond a few hundred files, which I’m sure to surpass as I slowly migrate my Evernote-based knowledge base.

I have slightly more than one hundred notes and deft felt sluggish to me after I’d tried it out of curiosity earlier today. At one thousand notes, which I expect to hit in the observable future, it’ll be unusable.