Org-roam-bibtex and org-noter integration Problem

Thank you @jethro and the Org-roam community for providing me a such a nice tool for my academic research. specially @nobiot for org-transclusion and @mshevchuk for org-roam-bibtex
I have managed to install org-roam V2, org-roam-bibtex and org-noter.
But when I create a note through a helm-bibtex and press F9 for edit-notes, I am able to create new notes file with the help of org-roam-capture-template. When I invoke the org-noter from the headline in the notes file it gives me an Error saying Invalid or no document property found. Please specify document path.

If I open a PDF from helm-bibtex and invoke the org-noter from the pdf it creates a notes inside the one file. But I want to create new file for the notes when invoking org-noter from PDF file. please help me.

I’m on late summer holidays with no laptop so forgive me for terse responses.

Looking at your question, Org-roam and ORB are working. You are trying to somehow put Org-noter in the mix.

A couple of comments:

  1. Org-noter is not designed to natively work with Org-roam or ORB; it’s an independent package

  2. Probably your Org-noter is working but your notes are not set up correctly for it to work

  3. So… you need to learn how Org-noter works. For this, this part of this discussion might help you

My quick suggestion is this:

  1. Try not to open Org-roam/ORB notes from PDF documents — it’s probably difficult to achieve (PDF → Org)

  2. Add document property to the Org-roam notes (see the discussion linked above and Org-noter documentation) so that you can start Org-noter from them (Org → PDF)

I think what you wish to achieve is 1. See my other response below… I would suggest to stick to 2. above.

You can certainly try to code something for yourself, but I haven’t seen anyone reporting to have done it on this forum.

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This is how Org-noter works. I haven’t seen anyone who has reported that they have achieved creating a new Org-roam/ORB note for each PDF document. It might be easier than I think… But I haven’t seen a ready-made config you can copy and paste.

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@prashantnag93 As far as I remember, one can specify a directory for Org-noter notes. So if one specifies there the Org-roam directory, or a directory where specifically ORB notes are kept, then this should work. It’ll be harder to achieve if multiple subdirectories are used. The Org-noter variable is org-noter-notes-search-path. It is a list, but I believe only the directory on top of the list is used when creating new notes. I’m not sure that one can use Org-roam templates without additional tweaking though.

In the noter workflow, one typically creates a new note and then launches Org-noter from there to annotate a PDF.

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