Some help with `%^{prop}p` usage?

I just started using Roam and ran into an issue with the template documentation.
%^{prop}p essentially has none. I have no idea where to put it. Either it yields an error or outputs verbatim.

I’m looking to prompt for a value for :SERIES: in the note’s property drawer.
Alternatively I’ve also tried %^{prop|Series}p instead of %^{Series}p. Neither produced positive results.

For file-nodes, the %^{prompt} seems to achieve what you are going for (?) – I may not have understood the purpose of your attempt, so I may well be off the mark.

Please disregard:

  • The fact I am using lower case for property n;ames; perhaps you prefer to stick to the uppercase
  • the :modified: <> part of the template; it’s a way to insert a time stamp automatically (a tip in Org-roam wiki)
(add-to-list 'org-roam-capture-templates
             '("t" "test Org" plain "%?" :target
               (file+head "personal/${id}.org" ":properties:
:modified: <>
:series: %^{Series}
#+title: ${title}


The idea was to prompt for a value to a key in the header. According to the docs %^{prompt}p is the way to do it. Just that it doesn’t work anywhere. Neither do the suggested default values. At best it does nothing at worst it errors out with a missing string error.

For now I just did a couple of templates that have all possible values already filled in.

I’m having the same trouble getting %^{prop}p to work. I found it to be a little finicky to use with Org capture templates, but was able to get it to work when copying the template from this Reddit post, but I haven’t had any luck at all when adapting the code to work with Org-roam capture templates.

It’s an unfinished prompt definition that never got followed up.
I gave up and used :SERIES: %^{Series Name} in the header section of the templates.