Do I need to re-organize my org folder and files for using org-roam


I want to start to use org-roam, I am an org-mode user not for a long time but enough time to have some files and specific folder organization.
It is not clear to me if I need to re-organize my org files to make them work with org-roam.
I have something like
/org folder with several files
/org// with other org files, for example /org/cooking/ etc etc

  1. is that correct that my org-roam dir should be set to the /org folder?
  2. My org files have a txt extension and each file has the -- mode: org -- header, can that be an issue with org-roam?
  3. how org-roam interact with those existing files? is it able to create and populate the db? Do I need to use the new functionality org-roam-unlinked-references


Everything should work as is, but we usually warn people against moving their files straight into the org-roam-directory without thinking about the content.

Here’s a good article on ‘why’.