Auto-linking of subtrees

Apologies if this is already documented somewhere, but I have looked around and can’t find out whether this is possible: I often organize my simple TODOs and tasks into sub trees in a single file, like this:

* Tasks
** Clean house
** Buy groceries
** Pay bills

This is also how the default org-journal organizes things:

* 2022
** 2022-10 October
*** 2022-10-07 Friday
My journal entry for today.
*** 2022-10-08 Saturday
My journal entry for today.

I’m aware for the second use case that there’s the org roam dailies feature, but for simple things I like to keep everything in one file so I can search it and see it all on one screen. (For more complex notes or nested ideas I’m a fan of the one-note-per-file idea.)

The trouble is, on the org-roam graph, if the children have IDs, I’d like them to show up as a link from the parent node. Currently they show up as orphans so it’s hard to tie in visually “these are all the things related to topic X”. I can accomplish what I want by scripting link insertion into either the parent or children, but that clutters the buffer.

Is there a way to configure a node so that it gets automatically generated links pointing to all its direct children?

Is this the same issue for Org-roam-UI?

It’s the same issue, yes – but with your pointer I found a resolution!

The above logic from that bugfix only kicks in if the file itself has a properties node ID at the root of the file. If I just add that everything works as I expect and want. This seems like it’s technically a minor bug but not one I’m really bothered by. Thanks for the help @nobiot!

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