Where are templates defined

Dear all.

Sorry if it’s obvious to all of you, but I’m new to this and even after reading all the documentation that I could find (both the local info file and the site in readthedocs) it took me quite a while to find where/how is the template specified (not the way to define it, but how or where to do it).

After some searching appeared setq org-roam-capture-templates and voilá! :exploding_head:

Do you believe it could be useful for other new users like me to specify that in the documentation in https://org-roam.readthedocs.io/en/latest/templating/, where the example is, or maybe surrounding it?

Thanks a lot for your kind attention… :slight_smile:


You’re right, we’re not mentioning the name of the variable in the doc. We’re not as diligent at maintaining the external doc as we are with the internal documentantion, i.e., the one you can access directly from Emacs (try pressing C-h v and C-h f` to look up variables and functions respectively).

We’re currently planning an overhaul of the manual, hopefully in a way that would allow us to maintain a single file which would output to many different format, both internal to Emacs (e.g. info-pages) and external (e.g. the readthedocs.io manual).

In the meantime, if you know how to use git, you could submit a PR on the GitHub tracker to mention the name of the variable, and help users which would potentially find themselves in the same spot.

Your diligence is not at stake at all. :smiley:
Eventually I found it in the internal documentation, but I don’t know how many people uses it. I just learned it a couple days ago.

The one source, many outputs is certainly great to reduce effort and increase coherency. What format are you evaluating? Org is one of them, I assume… :wink:
Maybe I can help giving it a read…

I will create a PR to leave it mentioned.

Done in https://github.com/jethrokuan/org-roam/issues/573.

I’m not a Github frequent user so please forgive me if this is not the place or way. In that case, just point me to where should it be and I’ll happily move or re-create it.

You did good here, thanks for pointing it out!

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Thanks for this…I am/was also stuck with the templates. (new to emacs)

Hi there, while I’m not an elisp gun, I’d like to contribute to the org-roam initiative. If you are planning a manual overhaul, maybe I could help with this?

Hi @sustainednz, we are planning a manual overhaul. We have centralized all the docs in https://github.com/jethrokuan/org-roam/blob/master/doc/org-roam.org, which we intend to use to generate HTML for online docs, as well as Info docs so they can be accessed from within Emacs.

The manual needs to be more comprehensive, and probably needs some reorganization. Each of the individual components (corresponding to their files) needs a subsection. I think we’re missing one for the daily notes functionality, at the very least. Either way, an extra pair of eyes on it would be helpful.

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I’ll help with that reading and suggestions. :slight_smile:

If I need some help with git, is anyone in this community that can give me a couple minutes? Just if I have problems or got stuck… (just a PM is ok, no need to reply here). I’m not a coder, work on UX and sustainability. :slight_smile:

This book is a pretty good resource for git. If you follow the section, you should get a solid understanding of what’s at stake. If you have further question, you can find me on Slack.

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Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:

I’ve created the channel #git on Slack to centralise those questions. Feel free to join whenever you have a question.

Cool, I can definitely help with document structure and content. Did you have a process in mind, or should I review/revise and submit for review (through git)?

At this point, I’m thinking I should fork the repo, create a new branch for documentation revisions, and go from there, but am open to other alternatives if you have a suggestion/recommendation/preference?

@sustainednz yes, forking the repo and making a pull request would be the regular approach to contributing back. Let me know if you need help with that workflow.

May I make a suggestion - looking at today’s org-roam.org, I see:

  • The Org-roam buffer displays backlinks for the currently active Org-roam note.
  • User Option: org-roam-buffer
    The name of the org-roam buffer. Defaults to org-roam.
  • User Option: org-roam-buffer-position
    The position of the Org-roam buffer side window. Valid values are =’left=, =’right=, =’top=, =’bottom=.

May I suggest that a sample init.el or config.el entry be included for each of these sections? Just now, adding:
(setq org-roam-buffer “backlinks”)
which didn’t throw and error but made no difference in the label of the org-roam buffer window (which, by the way, seems to default to “roam”, not “org-roam”). I’m sure to be doing something wrong, but up to now I’ve been happy with org and org-journal “out of the box” and may just not understand what I should have done.

BTW, I’m a “Vanilla EMACS” user and would prefer to have examples for non-Doom users, but I’m willing to accept being a minority, if that’s the case.