V2: ignore headline node with org id

if I understand correctly, every headline with org ID is considered a org-roam node in V2. Is it possible to ignore some of those headlines?
For example, I want to org-attach something to a headline. This creates org ID for that headline, but I don’t want org-roam to consider this headline a node.

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Thanks, I searched for wrong keywords.

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I’d be interested in a property to exclude a node and all its children. Anyone have something like this already?

I tried setting org-use-property-inheritance to '("ROAM_EXCLUDE") to at least get this behavior globally, but it didn’t seem to work.


I think this should let Org-roam consider inheritance for the ROAM_EXCLUDE property (untested, though).

(setq org-roam-db-node-include-function
      (lambda ()
        (not (org-entry-get (point) "ROAM_EXCLUDE" 'inherit))))

If this works, you should not need org-use-property-inheritance (you can keep it as nil, the default value).

But… I would just do the same thing by not adding IDs to headings of such subtree. I’m curious. Why do you have IDs if you want to exclude a subtree from caching?

The ID’s are there because these files are watched by org-caldav, which generates ID’s for every node in the file in order to synchronize with a CalDAV server. I could factor out just the calendar events into a separate file, but I like having my general org-roam notes in the same file as the lectures and TODO’s for the class. However, since I have nodes for each lecture for org-caldav, this clutters my Roam node finding methods significantly.

I think this should let Org-roam consider inheritance for the ROAM_EXCLUDE property (untested, though).

Thanks, this works well!

After trying it, though, I’m not sure. Since org-caldav does add ID’s to everything, I’m now leaning towards separate files for events because it makes nodes out of every notes subheading, which still clutters my node finding somewhat even though the lecture events are gone now. I guess there’s trade-offs since org-caldav treats ID’s differently than org-roam.