How to Emulate Luhmann's System?

I am reading How to Take Smart Notes and it has been very pleasant. I want to begin by doing the physical setup first, and then slowly migrating that approach to org-roam.

My current approach to org-roam is to take notes of everything, copying things extensively, but that is not the approach the book espouses. Some changes are necessary.

How would one go about replicating the physical nature of Luhmann’s system in org-roam? For instance, how would I go about implementing Luhmann’s numbering system and putting notes “in-between” or behind notes, elegantly? Right now all I have is just search by title. This is problematic because for some things, the title is not obvious (for instance in math there are a lot of important theorems without names, and name like Theorem 13.1 of Dummit and Foote doesn’t seem all that helpful without context. I also don’t want to put a pseudo-name to everything.)

My first-pass at this is to prepend all names with the numbering system, so that it’s more or less searchable. Any other ideas?

EDIT: I have included something similar in the org-transclusion thread, Org-transclusion -- now on ELPA! - #138 by avindroth


OneStutteringMind has a video where he explains his take on Zettelkasten using Logseq. It really translates to any digital tool.

He goes into his system here: 16:51, but the whole video is good.

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