How to create a nameless temporary note?

When I set out to write a new note, I write its content first, and only then will I pick a suitable title. So I wonder if there is a proper way (or workaround) to create a new, temporary note without a title? I’m thinking of a template whose title is a random ID, but I’d like to know if there’s a better way to do this.

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I thought you didn’t have to have a title. Off top of my head, if there is no title, the first heading is used. If there is no heading, nor title, then the file name is used as the title in the backlink side pane (Org-roam buffer). I’d be happy to be corrected.

You could create a org-roam-capture-template to create a note that contains a temporary title.

After filling in your note you can change the title to whatever you want and it will update the db when you save it

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Whilst filenames and titled are linked in the current default template, it shouldn’t prevent you from modifying the title of your files. The only title which matters is the one specified via #+title:, not the filename. We’re looking into ways to update the filename on title-renames, but we’re also considering dropping the slugs entirely.

That being said, for your use-case, I think you’d be better off taking transient notes inside a daily-note, and eventually refine them by creating a new fully-fledged note when you have enough data.

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