Tweaking UX for `[[Title of a Note]]`

I wanted to get your feedback, and have a bit of discussion here.
Let me know what you think…

I have been working to tweak how [[Title of a Note]] works when you are writing a note.

The idea is simple. I want to peak into what the note is when I am choosing from the list.

I have a very crude sample implementation in my local PC – it’s like one or two lines additional to the current implementation of “completion-at-point function (or capf)” within Org-roam.

See the gif animations below.

With the standard functions of Company Mode, you can press either F1 or C-h when you are selecting a title brings up the note’s buffer in another window, or in a separate child-frame if you have only one window (Doom seems to make it only F1, and only in another window; I don’t know how it does the latter).

This gif is an example of pressing “C-h” to show the note’s content in a separate window.

This can be further tweaked with the help of another package called company-box like this gif.

With company-box, I believe the icon can be changed to something more suited for an Org notes, etc.

I think the “pop-over” should do something about the overflow of text when paragraphs are too long to display (I am not sure if this is even possible yet).

I will probably continue using it for a while to see if I like it myself.

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I like the second example.

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I like the idea of being able to preview the file, if this is achievable via capf, do open a PR.

Yes, a simple change with capf. Will send a PR on your way soon-ish.

Any update on this? Couldn’t find the snippet in your config.

No update yet. I am kind of tied up at the moment; I can’t really work on it.

You would need to change the org-roam.el, not configuration.

This was the change for the demo: +4 lines (at that time; the master has progressed since, so might need some adaptation).

Happy for anyone interested to send a PR on our behalf.

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