Transclude links by tag

One cool feature from denote is its ability to transclude both links as well as content by simple regex.

Is there a gist function or equivalent plugin for org roam to get transclusion of links based on a filetag? like a main history node with automatic links to all other :history: tagged nodes?

Why not use both? I do.

Isn’t denote competing with org-roam? – I have never tried it, but I keep hearing about it.

Also I have no idea what OP is talking about – but wont your library org-transclusion fit his use case here ?

From my understanding of org-transclusion, it’s more meant for showing the content of files with a link to that file. I want something more like:

#+BEGIN: roam-tags-transclude :history :headings-only
[[id:123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000][Civil War]]

with that block adding or removing links when filetags in the database change.

Hmm that would be a really helpful feature to have - I don’t think its possible currently - as nobiot has suggested denote may be used in conjunction with org-roam… maybe you can try that,

If you want I can write a function that will print out the information like that for a tag you provide – but it wont be dynamic – meaning youd have to run the refresh very manually, I think it would be possible to create a overlay too and create a refresh mechanism but for that – but if denote would work – why not try it ?

I almost forgot - if you just want to see this information dynamically - and dont want this data printed inside an org-buffer like maybe denote would do - you can use delve from Public Image Limited, I think its a real good tool to view your notes and create collections.

Would you mind describing what you mean by transclude in your question?

@nobiot has already implemented

which works well. If I remember correctly, it uses an ID or a filename.


Thanks @akashp

but I still don’t get understand what @angel is wants.

I think they want a list of nodes that have this tag – rather than the content thereof.
The correct meaning of transclusion is to show the content of some other buffer in another buffer - which org-transclusion does, but denote also implements a form of transclusion – which is imo a misnomer, but it is what they want.

Thanks, now I get it.

What @angel wants is an always up-to-date list of incoming links?

Yes I think so, the package I referred earlier creates a buffer to show “collections” and can be reused to do this – I think denote does this in an org-buffer – I don’t know if there exists currently any mechanism outside denote to do this… in the org buffer itself.

Personally, I would simply do a query to the roam db inside a babel node (using elisp, so I can get the name of the current node).

This is probably info that it is not needed to be up-to-date every time one looks at it.

I think that’s the best idea too. I’m playing around with org-roam-ql to see if that’s what I want.

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