Touch screen behaviour org-roam-ui-mode

Hi all. I am a happy user of the advanced graph view (org-roam-ui-mode) in the browser. The only problem I have is that I am unable to move around and zoom in/out with the touch screen of my laptop.

Basically whatever is shown on the screen seems to be treated as a static image: I cannot move to other parts of the graph, and while I can zoom in, it just leaves me with big low res section of whatever was on the screen. (Clicking on a node, on the other hand, seems to work).

Does anybody recognize this?

Thanks for all the work!

Hi all, does anyone recognize this? Am I the only one who would love t be able to use the touch screen to browse through the org roam graph?

It might be better if you directly discuss your question in Org-roam-ui repository Issues · org-roam/org-roam-ui · GitHub. Not sure if Thomas (the author) monitors this forum often (I have not seen him for a while).

In terms of the usage, I don’t have a touch screen monitor, so I don’t have the need myself.

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