Suppress showing "roam:" in roam-links


How can I suppress showing “roam” in each and any link?
I’m using Org-Roam V2.

If this is the scenario that I think it is. “roam:” disappears once the database is updated, I’m not sure if that is the correct terminology. Once the target is known to exist, the link gets displayed as the display text.

Thanks for your immediate response @kenneddoll and yes that was the case with org-roam V1.n.
But not any more.
DB IS updated, but ‘roam:’ won’t disappear.

The place where this just happened for me, with v2, I had 2 properties drawers in the destination of the link (something keeps adding properties drawers all over). Once I deleted one and saved the file, the link changed to not show roam:

Thanks again for your insights.
Buckle up what’s happening right now

  • I checked what you proposed but no, only one ‘:property:’ drawer
  • But, flipping forth and back through my notes (’’ or 'Ctrl-x ’ - evil) shows and sometimes hides the ‘roam:’
    Hhm, since I don’t know what exactly is happening, I decided to wait it out.