Suggestion on workflow and better understanding or org-roam

Hi all,
I have this example. I have org files for different topics for my different learnings.
Let’s say that I have a file for java learning and a file for golang.
In the Java file, I have a headline with the title concurrency where I took notes about java concurrency.
In my golang file, I have a similar headline. My idea is to create a link between these 2 headings to references each other. Is org-roam helping here?
My understanding is that org-roam will require a different file for each headline to have links? So in this case I need a file called JavaConcurrency and one called golangConcurrency and via tags (?) I can reference each other?
I really like to have all my notes about a learning topic in a single file, not sure if that fits well with org-roam.

I hope that my explanation is clear enough to have some suggestions.

Is this what you are trying to do?

One big file on one topic (“Learning”, with two headings linking each other (“Concurrency in Java” and “Concurrency in Golang”)?

When two headings are far apart, this may be useful.

Personally I don’t find it helpful. But my way is to try to have one idea in one note, and link ideas together via links/backlinks to help future-me find something I have not thought of at the time of taking notes. I guess your purpose of linking headings is different.

Using your example, I might create a note on “Cuncurrency” in general, and have a link to Java section and Golang section of your Learning note – two notes, perhaps. Or, as I don’t use headings, three notes – Concurrency, Java, and Golang, with all of them sharing the “learning” tag. I think this will depend on your style.

Thank you very much for your reply. I found it useful. I am curious about your statement “I don’t use headings”. Why? How do you structure your notes?
Thanks again for your time.
Have a great day.

@reclaro, I was trying to say “I don’t use links at the heading-level” when I was writing my response. Now that you directed my attention to the headings and notes… I look at my notes. They don’t have headings (!). I will try to reflect carefully on what I’m trying to do with my notes :wink:

I think the reason is that I want to keep one note for one idea. One idea, one note. To me, multiple headings in one note indicate I have more than one ideas in a note. I’m loosely trying to follow the idea of “atomicity” that many from the community around seem to embrace, and this from Andy Matuschak.

EDIT: Adding this: Progressive Summarization by Tiago Forte. It demonstrates a concrete method for creating a concise and useful note for our future self.

I am not trying to be very strict about this, though. And I would not claim that this is the best way. After all, I have just started taking notes this way. I believe I will iterate on how I take notes along the way. I want to keep doing it, and keep enjoying it, rather than trying to fit myself into a mould someone else has made for themselves (I will try to listen to their experience as carefully as I can).

You too have a great day and weekend :slight_smile:

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