Spacemacs Org-Roam Wrong type argument: commandp, org-roam-find-file

I’ve been happily using spacemacs with org-roam, loaded via the org layer

    (org :variables
      org-enable-roam-support t)

But the last package update broke something. When I type

SPC m r

I see the usual org-roam menu but then the shortcuts don’t work. For example

SPC m r f

should call org-roam-find-file but instead I get the error

Wrong type argument: commandp, org-roam-find-file

org-roam-find-file is no longer available in the current version V2 of Org-roam.

To fix the org layer of Spacemacs, you would need to talk with its community, I think.

If you don’t need to work wih the org layer, there is a custom way; have a look at these two nice writeups on Spacemacs configuration for V2.


That explains it! Many thanks.

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Noting that there is a PR soon to be merged to update the Spacemacs org layer to use org-roam v2: Rename commands for org-roam v2 compatibility by kappa · Pull Request #14930 · syl20bnr/spacemacs · GitHub