[solved] Unable to org-mime-org-buffer-htmlize after activating transclusion

I author my emails in org-mode and use org-mime (GitHub - org-mime/org-mime: org-mime can be used to send HTML email using Org-mode HTML export.) to construct a mime email for sending. But I simply get a message Text is read-only if I try to use it after activating a transclusion. Even if I deactivate transclusions I am not able to use org-mime, I instead get Buffer is read-only: #<killed buffer>.

It would be really nice if I could leverage transclusions when sending email, any advice?

Is this related to org-roam?
I am the author of org-transclusion and in README suggest to have discussion in this forum, but for a topic completely outside org-roam, note-taking, or zettelkasten, I suggest you raise an issue in org-transclusion GitHub repo.

I don’t use org-mime (never knew it until this post). I suspect it uses org-export under the hood(?). In the issue, can you describe a bit more detail of how you use it, please? Like which commands you use, your set up, etc. I would need to reproduce the issue, but as I don’t use it, I need more guidance.

By the way, the easiest way may be to use the “detach” command on the ttansclusions.

Thanks for the response. I realized only after I posted that I really left a lot of context out. Sorry, I was rushing around too many things at once.

I did debate posting to the org-transclusion github repo but figured I would follow the readme suggestion and post here.

Indeed, it’s not really directly related to org-roam, other than the fact that I do use org-roam for pretty much all of my capture templates.

And, I found when I went and tried on another machine that I didn’t face the same issue, so it’s certainly something in my config that is getting in the way. If/when I dig deep enough to figure out what the problem is and if it seems related to org-transclusion (which now I don’t think it is) I will post an issue to the github project with a more full context.

No worries. Thanks for coming back. It may be related to the version — ELPA vs ELPA-devel, for example.

Thanks for the hints.

Funny enough, whatever I did to cause the problem has gone. Now on the machine where I encountered the issue to begin with I had no issues following the same workflow. Anyway, Ive got some good paths to follow if/when it comes back.

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