Saving a file with multiple nodes gives SQL constraint violation

I have a couple files that have multiple nodes (like an and sometimes when I modify the file and save it I get a handful of messages in the *Warnings* buffer, e.g.:

Warning (org-roam): SQL constraint violation: "UNIQUE constraint failed:" for remove vega lite dependency (41e9709b-1cd1-49a7-890c-0e9e5e135f0f) in /Users/dustin/org/ 

in the file that looks like this:

* TODO remove vega lite dependency
:ID: 41e9709b-1cd1-49a7-890c-0e9e5e135f0f

i haven’t been able to nail down the reproduce path but it happens quite often.

Is there a way to at least silence this warning since it doesn’t seem to be a real problem?