Lost file node in database

Somehow I lost the reference to a file node in the database. The file was still in the directory, so
I edited it and changed the id and saved it to the database. However, now my old backlinks cannot find it since it has a new id. So I screwed I think. What should I have done?

I am new to org-roam v2 and just trying to learn to use it, so nothing important was lost.

Go to the files, replace the links with the new ID, and save the files.
That should correct the database.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question here. Please disregard my previous post; you would have corrected the links.

I would have kept the original ID, made a immaterial change to the file (e.g. add a blank line), and saved. That would have either corrected the database entry or given me the opportunity to reproduce the original problem (and find out why the node was “lost” in the first place). Since the problem is no longer present, I think it’s hard to get to the bottom of it now.

Thank you. Yes, I thought of that later on
(minor change to the file and save). So now
I know.

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