Org-roam doesn't autocomplete when in 'org-add-note'


Here is a video showcasing the problem - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

When I am adding org-roam links by ‘org-roam-node-insert’ - the link gets added properly. Good.

When I write a +3 letters of org-roam link that I know exists - the autocompletetion helps me finish it and adds a link - fantastic.

HOWEVER, when I try to use the autocompletion feature INSIDE ‘org-add-note’ (C-c C-z), the autocompletion works, but org link desn’t get added.

Why is that? Does it have to do something with minor modes?

My emacs config can be found here - GitHub - arvydasg/emacs: My emacs configuration documented.


See this issue.
Jethro added a new module to Org-roam called org-roam-log.

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