Problem with org-roam-ui and websocket

Hi all,

Every time I open org-roam-ui I am getting

Error (websocket): in callback on-open': error: "process websocket server on port 35903 <> no longer connected to pipe; closed it"

error. Because of this I cannot change the theme and cannot see tags.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Port number does not look correct. Do you change it somehow? From this exchange in an issue below, Org-roam-ui does not currently let you change the port number.

I don’t think so. However, problem solved after deleting md-roam.

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Interesting. I don’t know what Md-roam does to this process.

ORUI works on my end with or without Md-roam. It is at this address, though: http://localhost:35901/

I just activated org-roam-ui-mode; the note preview on the right is for a markdown file in Org-roam (via Md-roam).