Poll: Project Name Change

We’d initially discussed in multiple places (see Project Name Change) about a name change. I’m going to pick the names suggested there and conduct a poll, and majority wins I guess.

  • aster
  • asterism
  • mundaneum
  • org-luhmann
  • org-roam
  • org-zettel
  • org-zk
  • slipbox
  • zettel

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This poll will end a week from now:

Let me know (@ me) if you have more ideas, or think I missed anything out, and I’ll add them to the poll.

EDIT: More options:

  • org-memex
  • org-nexus

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Not sure the poll design allowed me to communicate what I intended, which is that:

  1. I could live with status quo.
  2. I am against changing it to a literal reference to zettelkasten, even if I think it should be the foundation of the software.
  3. I didn’t know what memex was, but poking around, I really like it! It’s a good name in general, and the idea is an evocative reference to the ideas behind the software.

Suggestion, @jethro: you might have a followup poll that offers two choices: status quo, and whatever alternative emerges out of the poll.

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I like org-roam and akashic record. @jethro

(I don’t know if discussion is still preferred but here goes:)

Having thought about this I would keep the current naming or at least the org- prefix. Most functionality in org-roam is built on top of existing org-mode conventions and such easy to understand and expand upon. (things such as capture templates, headlines, file-type)

Tend to prefer the zettel / memex -based naming schemes; they originate more from the history of note-taking practices. But let’s see how the poll unfolds

I’m closing the polls now.

Considering that the majority has voted for Org-roam, I’ve decided that we will keep the name. Concerns about keeping the name are well-heard:

  1. It gives the idea that Org-roam is copy of Roam Research, and a false idea of what the project represents.
  2. The name might be an issue if Roam Research ever decides to copyright/trademark it.

I do think (1) is a legitimate concern, but at this time, we really don’t have many distinguishing factors from Roam Research. We can think about this again, when it truly becomes misrepresentative. I suspect it’ll be a while before that happens. I don’t think (2) has really ever been an issue, the founders of Roam Research are well aware, and very okay with it.

That said, the poll has not been for naught. I think this gives a good pool of names to choose from when naming truly becomes an issue, but until then, let’s keep it as it is.