Persistent org-roam backlinks pane


Is it possible to have a persistent org-roam backlinks pane?

Each time I run org-agenda-view, the right pane that displays backlinks disappeared. I have to manually put it back by running org-roam.

I guess there is a way to always have the backlinks pane there, when I run org-agenda-view?

Could you be more precise ? What’s your setup/config for agenda ? It appended only with agenda ?

EDIT: – Right. I need to correct myself. Now the backlinks pane closes automatically when I call org-agenda. Perhaps this is a new feature (?). I got curious, and am having a look, but not sure if I can find a way to change this behavour.

You might be using Doom or some other package on top of vanilla Emacs, perhaps?

The vanilla behaviour (that is, if you don’t have a specific config in place) should be that the org-roam backlinks pane persists when you call org-agenda – the pane does not close by itself. At least that’s how my org-roam behaves.

I’m slightly behind the latest commit, so that could be the reason, though.

We haven’t touched window management in a long time. The key thing to note here is that the back links buffer is a side-window. Maybe org-agenda closes all side windows.

This is next up on the list on things we will work on, as part of the side buffer revamp. We want to carefully plan window management so get the best user experience.

@jethro, yes, thanks for this confirmation; I could not find any changes in Org-roam code that looked relevant for this behaviour.

I observe difference in my Org 9.4 (via Doom, but not using +roam flag – the backlinks side-pane is kept on when calling org-agenda) and Org 9.3.6 with vanilla Emacs (calling org-agenda takes the side-pane, and displays org-agenda buffer there)… So yes, the first rabbit hole I would look into would be org-agenda itself…

@Koc, I’m not confident at all that this will be a quick thing for me. I would have to rely on someone wiser, who has already done what you are looking to do. My suggestion, though, is perhaps wait for the Org-roam project to do the side buffer revamp…

Thank you all very much for the discussion. I will send an inquiry to the org-mode community. It may be that they know how to ask org-agenda-view to not automatically close the org-roam’s backlinks side pane.

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I got a tip from org-mode’s mailing list that I could set the default window behavior of org-agenda.

I set org-agenda to always open in the current window:

(setq org-agenda-window-setup "current-window")

It works very well!

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