Org-roam persistent backlinks sidepane

i’m new to org-roam, still configging it. i’d like to get a persistent backlinks sidepane working.

C-h v org-roam-buffer-window-paramaters recommends:
(setq org-roam-buffer-window-parameters '((no-other-window . t)))

but this has no effect for me. is there a better way or sth extra to do with this? it shows up as set in customize.

there’s also also a typo in the above documentation: the ’ before “((no-other-window” is a smart quote (single right).

It’s impossible to figure it out what you mean because we are not wizards and cannot read your thoughts. To properly report a bug, or ask for help, please be so kind to adhere to the following:

  1. Describe your problem in a specific way, for example
  • I executed command A expecting result X, instead I got result Y.
  • I set variable V to value N and executed command B, and the result was the same as executing command B with variable V set to value M.
  1. This is not a teenager chat, so please try your best to write in full sentences and exercise care when spelling words:
    a) less jargon - configuring instead of configging
    b) follow capitalisation rules of the English language.
    c) refrain from using non-standard abbreviations, better do not use any abbreviations at all.

There is no typo in the docstring, describe-char reports the character before ((no-other-window . t)) as 'apostrophe, codepoint 39.

So what exactly was the effect you were trying to achieve and failed?