Org-roam to blog

Does anyone have any recommendations for publishing a blog based on one’s org-roam folder?

I don’t think this exists yet, but what would also be ideal is a clickable graph that navigates to the entry clicked on.

Something like mermaid could be used for this. Would anyone be interested in helping me develop this?

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Right now, we’re focussed on v2 which introduced a significant change to our underlying model. As a result, we’d rather delay the discussion of modules—e.g. org-roam-server, or the blog-publishing workflow you suggest—until we’ve figured it out.

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If you want to just use a packaged solution, you can look at

Org-roam files are ultimately just Org files, so anything that publishes Org files should work.

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This is just what I was looking for, thanks!

Firn won’t be able to handle that, though. If you meant something à la Obsidian, that will require some engineering.

I’m thinking about generating a mermaid-js graph based on connections between org-roam notes and inserting it into the html output of Firn.

You could, yes; but ultimately, since Firn is only about org-mode, a homebrew solution for publishing notes and properly translating the ID-links would probably be best. I’m not sure how Firn handles ID-links, for instance.

There’s also this, specific to org-roam:

FWIW I use ox-hugo to publish my notes generated with org-roam, with a little configuration Hugo generates backlinks to a note and on the org-roam side just adding the export-file-name header to the capture template. This doesn’t include the visual graph though.