Org-roam-node-insert: use title as text when selecting via alias?

Hi all,
I made heavy use of aliases, both in writing files and searching for them using org-roam-node-insert with helm.

Currently, and as expected, when I identify a node by its alias using org-roam-node-add and helm, org-roam creates a link in which the node’s alias is the text. I.e. [[id:5f3720bc-071d-48d8-994e-75c0d504a80f][note_alias]].

Question: Can I can force org-roam-node-insert/helm to always use the note’s title, regardless of what alias is used to identify it? I.e. org-roam-node-insert and searching (helm) for ‘note_alias’ results in the creation of [[id:5f3720bc-071d-48d8-994e-75c0d504a80f][note_title]].

Thanks in advance!