Org-roam-dailies-capture-today fails on emacs 27.2

I use straight.el, and do daily updates.

After updating today, to org at 849dd68b27156722e79f9bc7339ef313c3eeca6, I get “max-specpdl-size exceeded” errors when I try to capture a new daily note, or in fact open any of the org-roam files.

But if I upgrade to emacs 28.0.50 then it works again.

I tried to track it down via stepping in the debugger, as there is no backtrace when it fails, but could not identify it. It did seem to happen when org-persist-write-all was called, but it was hard to tell.

I don’t have the problem. I updated all my packages including Org-roam. org-roam-dailies-capture-today just worked now. No issue with Org-roam files, either.

I use Emacs 27.2 and Org 9.5. I use the stock package.el. org-version tells me this: 9.5-g0a86ad.

Perhaps you might like to try upgrading Org to 9.5? It’s been released. I have done it via ELPA, I think – nothing special, just plain package-list-packages.

(Or downgrade Org if that commit is ahead of releases? – it might be too new to be stable?)

Thanks for the reply. I downgraded to the earlier org version and it worked. And I see a fix landed in org master today too.

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