Org-roam and freeplane

Hello everyone,

I love org-roam. But I also love freeplane. I wonder if some people already “connect” the tools and how?
Have a nice day.

I wrote a utility to convert .mm files to .org files.

Thank you for that. I have to try.
However I don’t think Freeplane is dead :wink:
I’m also wondering how to use org-roam and freeplane together. A freeplane user wrote a script to import/export a note content to a txt, md or org file (and vice versa)… which is a first idea…

Hi @JeffBrown

Thanks for your tool.
For a short project with documentation, I went back to Freeplane to see. I confirm that I don’t think it’s dead at all ! There’s new scripts to use freeplane as file explorer or GTD (with todo.txt).
I’m even thinking I’ll be able to add “roam” file notes from my Freeplane map. :wink:

not dead

Interesting. Where do you find it?


You can use:

  • Map Drive Inator as files explorer (video)
  • MapInsight to walk around the nodes in a Freeplane map and assists with finding and connecting nodes using word association and/or searches (video).
  • Jumper as a fully keyboard driven search box for quick navigation in maps. It filters the nodes on-the-fly as the user types the search terms, and allows to jump to one of the results. (video)
  • GTD sync : The Freeplane add-on “GTD Sync” enables you to use the non-linear representation of Freeplane to organise and review your projects, next actions and delegated actions. You can then use a todo.txt list manager like Simpletask for Android to decide on the go what to do in a certain context and to check off completed tasks

Enjoy !