Orb-book: a book manager empowered by org-roam-bibtex

I have started to use org-roam-bibtex to manage my e-books for some time.
To make my life easier, I now developed an extension orb-book for org-roam-bibtex.
Now I have a simple command to search my books and open the attached file.
I would be willing to share my process with all of you here and I would be very happy to listen to your opinions on that.


Thanks for sharing.

Is this not already standard functionality within helm-bibtex or ivy-bibtex?

Hi danderzei,

Thank you very much for your interest.

Yes, mostly from helm-bibtex.
I helm-bibtex you can filter bib entries by type.
Here I get all book items from org-roam database.
The displayed info (e.g. edtion, publisher, tags) in helm concentrates on books, but not on general bib attributes.