Creating html document notes with org-roam-bibtex

Hi @zaeph ,

A question of the evening. I have a lot of references from websites and blogs in my zotero… so in my biblio.bib file like :

  title = {How {{To Take Smart Notes With Org}}-Mode -},
  author = {Kuan, Jethro},
  date = {2020-02-14},
  url = {}
  urldate = {2020-06-16},
  file = {/home/manu/Zotero/storage/3C34ZK85/how_to_take_smart_notes_org.html},
  keywords = {emacs,org-mode,org-roam}

My question : Is it possible to create a note via orb-note-action? That would mean a configuration in org-ref but which one?
And more generally how do you manage web documents in zotero AND org-roam?
Have a nice evening.

org-note-actions is not for creating notes, but for running helm/ivy-like actions on the note.

ORB patches the Open notes action in org-ref and the Edit notes in helm-/ivy-bibtex, which are the commands you’re supposed to use to create your notes. ORB is mostly about helping you create your bibliographic notes by providing access to BibTeX fields during the template-expansion. Check our manual for details.

I know that we’re doing a bad job at explaining what ORB is doing, but this is something that I’m hoping to address soon with #830.

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