Ok to kill active emacsql-sqlite processes when quitting?

Occasionally when I’m using Org-Roam and I then quit Doom Emacs, I get a Process List buffer listing out an emacsql-sqlite process that’s still running, and an alert saying:

Active processes exist; kill them and exit anyway? (y or n)

Is it OK to say “yes” to this?
Will I harm the Org-Roam database if I do?
Should I be doing something to prevent this message?


I get this often too. Are you on Windows like me? I remember the org-roam docs having something specific about issues with emacsql-sqlite and Windows.

Yes, it’s okay to do this. What Emacs does is it sends a SIGTERM, which means ends the connection nicely.

I’m curious as to why you still see that. Here, we mark emacsql-sqlite connections to not prompt for this, and on Linux, I don’t see that prompt anymore, so maybe that doesn’t work for Windows.

Thanks @jethro and @cobblepot ! I should have mentioned that I’m on macOS Mojave if that helps. It doesn’t happen every time, but I would say every 5th or 6th time I quit Doom Emacs. Good to know it’s nothing to worry about. I’ll let you know if it persists. Thanks!