Need some feedback on org-roam/pocket-reader helper

I have created this tiny (and my first) little package, which converts pocket-reader.el entries into org-roam files: pocket-reader-org-roam-capture

I submitted it to melpa and the nice nice reviewer made some valid points

Clearly org-roam-capture--capture is an internal function and the next release might remove it, but maybe there is also a more stable interface to use. I imagine that other people might find it useful.
Maybe even with an easier way to pass the templates.

And currently it is a very simple function. I already plan to move the template setting to a configuration option again.

So my main question is: should I bother or just leave it in my repo for people to copy?

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Yeah, I’ll need to think more about what functions should be exposed for capture.

I intend to start a contrib section, been meaning to add some way to pull down annotations from as well.

Nice. So I am going to remove my request from melpa and see what the future brings.