Making better use of the 'Learn' section

Hi there,

We’re really happy to see that many people have found their way to the Discourse, and I thank you all for taking the time to participate in the discussions.

I have a bit of a request for you, and it concerns providing support to the newer members of the communities.

A lot of them are making their first foray into Emacs, and for some, it even is their first text editor. As many of you will readily remember, the beginning of the journey is pretty bumpy, especially when you haven’t acquired the critical mass of knowledge to get by on your own.

Jethro and I have assisted many of you on Slack, and some of you went on to help others in turn. We’d like to encourage you to keep doing this, and maybe to centralise your efforts in this category.

The reason why I’m telling you this is that many people have started messaging me on Slack asking for personalised help, and this is not a viable strategy for the long-term. As much as I’ve liked helping you, it’s taking a significant part of the time I could spend on the tracker or implementing new features into Org-roam. I would prefer if those questions were asked here where anyone can answer them, and where they can be saved for everyone to see.

This is why, starting now, I’ll be directing you to this section of the Discourse if you ask me a question that would benefit others. Jethro and I will still be on Slack if you have questions, but please be mindful of our time.

Thank you.


I wonder if this category should be more explicitly called “Emacs newbie questions” or some such, and include links to more general resources, including reddit?


+1 for something like “Emacs newbie”.

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I’ve modified the description of the category to make it a little more obvious that beginner questions should be asked here.