Is there an external upgrade path?

Hi everyone

v2 sounds great. I have around 5.5k notes, I use this heavily as my daily workhorse. I appreciate all the effort that went into this.

In the past my files were named with, but I understand there are also ID: requirements everywhere.

What I’ve tried and failed with:

  1. v2 - migrate wizard org-roam-version 2.0.0
    1.1 migrate wizard - manages to create an org-roam.bak folder, then says org-bnack-to-heading-or-point-min is not found - this seems to create a backup copy of the folder, but no existing files are touched

  2. tried the migrate script loading from org-roam-version 1.2.3
    2.1 this fails as the sync-db command in 2.0.0 is required, and not available

Is there an example of exactly what changes - with an example legacy org-roam 1.2.3 file → v2.0.0 file? How can I bulk insert custom IDs where required if I’ve never used this in the past?

Is there an external script that I can use that runs through the folder and gets v2.0.0 compatibility, or a reference guide for the required changes so I can write one?

Anyone have advice for massaging my roam folder into the expected format outside of the attempts above?

This seems to be an indication that your Org version is 9.3 or lower. If true, I suggest to upgrade Org at least to 9.4, which is a v2 prerequisite (the v2 warning message should also mention this).

Didn’t get the warning about a lower version, but checking gives me:

Org-mode version: 9.5 (9.5-b83ae59)

If you have the function in your Emacs but you get the error saying it cannot be found, then I’m not sure.
Looking at the git hub mirror, doing blame, the function was added for 9.4.1.

The function is part of org.el; it sounds like the time you run the wizard, org mode itself is not loaded yet - not sure if it is even possible even with deferring org.

M-x org-mode explicitly before running the wizard might help.

Thanks I tried this, still no change.

Is there a documented V1 file → V2 file format description I can reference?

Are you using Doom? Then it explains why you didn’t get the warning and you are on 9.5.
It does not explain why you are getting the error.

This might help - the warning message also mentions it

I’d try emacs -q , migrate files, and then put back Doom.

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll get back to you.