Is there a feature similar to denote-rename-buffer-mode in Org Roam?

For everyone who does not know what denote-rename-buffer does, here is an article by the author of Denote which explains it.

Briefly, it is a minor mode which automatically renames Denote buffers so that it looks more “human readable”, omitting stuff like the ID timestamp, underscores, dashes and tags.

Here’s an example (taken from the article above): if I’m editing the file 20230507T084817--software-freedom-and-accessibility__linux_politics.txt its buffer (not the file!) will show Software freedom and accessibility as its name.

Is there a similar feature for Org Roam?

No. But you should be able use denote together with Org-roam. It does not care about file names and buffer names. Why not use denote-rename-buffer too?

You can let denote create files and file names. You add an ID to Org, then you can get the backlinks based on sqlite.

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Thank you for replying

While I do truly appreciate both packages, I’d rather stick to just one to avoid having too many overlapping features. I’m still setting everything up and my workflow is still kind of blurry so I’d like to keep it simple for now :slight_smile:.

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