I have to run org-roam-db-sync each team I start Emacs is that how it should work?

Hi All,

I wanted to verify with the community if that is the expected behaviour of org-roam.
Each time I launch Emacs I need to run M-x org-roam-db-sync in order for Buffer/Nodes to appear on org-roam-node-find

Is that how it should work? Or maybe I am missing some configuration option. I am using Doom mode and this is my Roam section:

(use-package! org-roam
  ;; Override a couple of keybinding to have quicker access to things
  (map! :leader
        :prefix "n"
        :desc "org-roam-node-find" "f" #'org-roam-node-find ;originnaly mapped to find-file-in-notes
        :desc "org-roam-node-insert" "i" #'org-roam-node-insert ;; originally not mapped
  (setq org-roam-directory org-directory
        org-roam-graph-exclude-matcher '("private" "repeaters" "dailies")
        ; org-id-link-to-org-use-id t
        ;org-roam-index-file "index.org"
        org-roam-node-display-template "${doom-hierarchy:*} ${tags:45}"
  (setq org-roam-capture-templates '(
                                  ("d" "default" plain "%?"
                                   :target (file+head "%<%Y%m%d%H%M%S>-${slug}.org"
                                                      "#+title: ${title}\n")
                                   :unnarrowed t)
                                  ("c" "concept" plain "%?"
                                   :target (file+head "concepts/${slug}.org"
                                                      "#+title: ${title}\n")
                                   :unnarrowed t)

                                ("r" "ref" plain "%?" :target
                                 (file+head "references/${slug}.org"
                                            "#+title: ${title}")
                                 :unnarrowed t)))


Thanks in advance for the help!

No, you should not have to manually do it every launch.

org-roam-db-autosync-enable does it for you.

How do you load org-roam? In your config excerpt above, you have (use-package! org-roam but what requires/loads org-roam? Does map! macro (I believe it’s Doom-specific) set autoloading so that when you call either “f” or “i”, Doom requires/loads org-roam? If that’s the intention, it does not seem to be working that way.

If I understand use-package and use-package! correctly, as org-roam-db-autosync-enable is in the :config part, it won’t be called until you require/load org-roam.

Hi @nobiot
Thanks a lot for your reply! somehow got buried in my inbox.

I think doom loads it in a module here is the code:

use-package! org-roam
  :hook (org-load . +org-init-roam-h)
  ;; Set this to nil so we can later detect if the user has set custom values
  ;; for these variables. If not, default values will be set in the :config
  ;; section.
  (defvar org-roam-directory nil)
  (defvar org-roam-db-location nil)

   '(ansi-color dash f rx seq magit-section emacsql emacsql-sqlite))

  ;; Don't display warning message dedicated for v1 users. Need to be set early.
  (setq org-roam-v2-ack t)

  (defadvice! +org-roam-suppress-sqlite-build-a (fn &rest args)
    "Suppress automatic building of sqlite3 binary when loading `org-roam'.
This is a blocking operation that can take a while to complete
and better be deferred when there will be an actual demand for
the database. See `+org-init-roam-h' for the launch process."
    :around #'emacsql-sqlite-ensure-binary
    (if (not (boundp 'org-roam-db-version))
        (apply fn args)
      (advice-remove #'emacsql-sqlite-ensure-binary #'+org-roam-suppress-sqlite-build-a)

  (defun +org-init-roam-h ()
    "Setup `org-roam' but don't immediately initialize its database.
Instead, initialize it when it will be actually needed."
    (letf! ((#'org-roam-db-sync #'ignore))
    (defadvice! +org-roam-try-init-db-a (&rest _)
      "Try to initialize org-roam database at the last possible safe moment.
In case of failure, fail gracefully."
      :before #'org-roam-db-query
      (message "Initializing org-roam database...")
      (let ((run-cleanup-p t))
            ;; Try to build the binary if it doesn't exist. In case of failure
            ;; this will error, run the cleanup and exit, and in case of success
            ;; this will return nil and sync the database.
            (setq run-cleanup-p (emacsql-sqlite-ensure-binary))
          (when run-cleanup-p
            (setq org-roam--sqlite-available-p nil)
            (message (concat "EmacSQL failied to build SQLite binary for org-roam; "
                             "see *Compile-Log* buffer for details.\n"
                             "To try reinitialize org-roam, run \"M-x org-roam-setup\"")))))
      (advice-remove 'org-roam-db-query #'+org-roam-try-init-db-a)

I think the interesting part is the +org-init-roam-h that I believe tries to make roam runs on the last moment just when org-roam-db-query is called but it does not work (maybe due to my config) - my elips is very basic though!

I tried a couple of things but it does not work. Somehow +org-init-roam-h never gets called :frowning:
I get this might be more of doom issue than a roam issue :confused:

Doom pulls in the bleeding-edge development version of Org. Do you have org-load-hook? (It should be a variable). It might not be present or not called in the Org version you have.

By the way… The “module” you refer to: Do you use the +roam2 switch to tell Doom you want to use it? Then your custom settings might be redundant?

Yes I have org-load-hook:

 +org-init-roam-h) <-----

I do have +roam2 selected in packages.el and my config is there to override some defaults I do not like… and I also put it there becase well the sync thingy was not working and to add some capture temnplates.

I think I found the issue, I think the :init section was causing the problem! if I moved the map! declarations to :config it works!!
So now when I call org-roam-node-find for the first time the index is created!!
I take this has to be rebuilt once each time I open Emacs.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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