How to transclude an image from a PDF into org-file?

Sometimes you see a gem drawing inside one of the many PDFs and you are reading and you want to pin (include) that in your org-file, just the page with the drawing or image as part of your reference note-taking in org-roam. How do you achieve that?

I came across this post on EmacsStack and the different approaches to meet this very need. But my question is how to achieve this using the very handy org-transclude package seeing the relatively rapid development it has gone through with many features being introduced every now and then. So how to achieve this using the transclusion-verse?

I am the author of Org-transclusion, and have no idea. It can only transclude from another buffer – usually a textual content. I do not know how to refer to a part of a PDF file.

I see, thanks for your kind reply. I am now considering using org-inline-pdf but sill cannot get it to work. It depends on pdf2svg as a backend.